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Selling Words is about sales mastery. It's an in-depth, 8 week look at the psychology of sales. If you've taken other sales programs like the Sales Power Primer (for just $47 here), you've gotten a taste of what sales can be. Selling Words is the full meal deal. This is the next level.

You'll sign up to get:

  • A new understanding of rapport, and how to manage it, creating authentic personal connections with your client.
  • A 'Personal Intent Conditioning' reframe tool. A printable tool that you will review before selling anything, and bring your absolute best-self to the interaction.
  • A clear distinction between acquisitiveness and inquisitiveness - and how they impact the outcome of every sales interaction.
  • How cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias are either closing deals or closing doors for you.
  • The role of body language in sales, and how to make immediate improvements to yours. Nothing contributes or removes more selling words to a sale than body language.
  • Why traditional methods of handling objections are relatively ineffective, and how to win at that game.
  • And of course, a printable, take-it-with-you Selling Words Guide. Words to avoid, words to embrace, words that impact the sale.

Sign up to Selling Words for 8 weeks of training. Selling Words is a principle-based program. Rather than forcing sales professionals into a process, this program will offer them the flexibility to be fully themselves, armed with incredible sales tools.

Spending money on world-class sales training is like putting a downpayment on your new boat. Or your vacation home. Or maybe a Yoda doll collection (don't judge).

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