Corporate Training Academy

This exclusive class will walk you through the components of a professional, engaging, corporate training program.

  • You'll learn how to create content that is easy to follow and easy to remember.
  • You'll learn how to be an authentic and engaging speaker.
  • You'll learn powerful verbal and non-verbal delivery mechanisms.
  • You'll learn how to impact the best and the worst participants, and how every person in the room is an incredible asset to the learning.
  • You'll learn how to get participants moving around so much that they lose track of time.
  • You'll learn cool, fun-inducing hacks (don't tell anyone that you and your participants can have fun training - they might want your job).

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Company and corporate trainers will benefit, church leaders/volunteers who speak weekly, and anyone who regularly runs meetings. If you speak regularly, and intend to continue, sign up!

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It's art. It's science. It's your own beautiful masterpiece when those two come together. It's what you've been looking for, and maybe you didn't even realize it until now!

 Choose a payment plan for either of these options.

  1. Corporate Training Academy: Get full access to the 12 week class. Choose between a single payment or divide into three monthly payments. Consider this the 'self-serve' option.
  2. Coaching Option: This option is full-serve, ensuring that you are implementing and mastering the principles and techniques you're learning. It includes full access to the same 12 week class, as well as:
    • Bi-weekly, 1:1, 30 minute Coaching calls.
    • Video evaluation - you record your training/speaking (all you need is a smartphone) and then we evaluate it together. This is the absolute best way to get results fast.
    • 360 evaluation - we reach out to a list of 5-10 people you've designated. They provide feedback on your training video, giving you a simulated 'audience' feedback loop.

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